Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #52: Elkhorn

I can’t stop listening to Elkhorn’s Distances. It’s as though it’s littered with secret passages and hidden messages that we can only find through thorough investigation. Something like that, anyway. Truthfully it’s just a great album that is simultaneously innately listenable and endlessly curious. That said, while I don’t know if Drew Gardner’s mix here will shed further light on the vast sonic expanses of Distances, it’s a damn good listen. 

Distances is out now via Feeding Tube. Grab a copy HERE.

Sibylle Baier – I Lost Something in the Hills
Phil Upchurch – Darkness, Darkness
Dick Hyman – The Minotaur
Sun Ra – Dance of the Living Image
Jessie Mae Hemphill – Boogie ‘Side the Road
Jerry Garcia, David Grismanand. Tony Rice – Shady Jam
Maxine Funke – One Step
Ash Ra Tempel – Freak ‘n Roll
Buddhadev Das Gupta – Raga Surdasi-Malhar

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