Track Premiere: Able Noise “To Appease”

Baritone guitar and drum duo Able Noise garble the airwaves with decaying memories on “To Appease.” Blanketed with shades of tape fuckere, “To Appease” plods ahead across empty streets and lucid dreams. “This piece is arguably one of our most representative bits of recorded music so far,” they explain. “It is exemplary of our interest in taking advantage of the possibilities of recorded music in comparison to our stripped live set, and of our interest in the physical and acoustic properties of tape and the way it can be manipulated.”

Shifting tape speed and saturation warps the world “To Appease” exists within. However, George’s voice still stings, gliding across moving guitar shapes and Alex’s persistent rhythms until the machine chews up the magnetic strands and spits them into a liminal, whirring coda.

“To Appear” is part of Thorn Valley, a 20-song compilation to celebrate the fourth anniversary of World of Echo. The double LP will be released on November 11 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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