Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #53: Office Culture

Office Culture’s new album, Big Time Things, takes us over a cliff in the gentlest possible way. Even if the landing is soft, though, it still stings. It’s a pristine album, a crystalization of the band’s approach leading up to this point. Winston Cook-Wilson’s ‘Great Vocal Performances’ mix sheds a different light on the album. Big Time Things is out now on Northern Spy. I can’t recommend it enough.

I thought a lot about singing and writing naturally for the voice while making Big Time Things, much more than on previous albums—the quality of my delivery, the arc of a melodic line (and the whole song), following the cadence of speech in my phrasing and avoiding doing things I might regret in a year. This mix consists of amazing vocal performances by some of my favorite artists. It features tracks by the four other singers on the album—Caitlin, Carmen, Alena (Tiny Hazard), and Ian—because their voices are so bold, distinctive, and always very at the center of their music. Enjoy – Winston / Office Culture

Aretha Franklin – Don’t Play That Song
Tems – Avoid Things
Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life
Tiny Hazard – Air
Blossom Dearie – You Are There
E-40 – I Can Sell It (feat. Cousin Fik)
Frederic McQueen – Cecil Gone in the Time of Storm
Carmen Q. Rothwell – Poor Boy
Rosalía – CUUUUuuuuuute
Björk – 5 Years
John Martyn – Some People Are Crazy
Caitlin Pasko – Mother
Abbey Lincoln – The World Is Falling Down (excerpt)
Young Thug – Drippin’
Al Hibbler & Hank Jones – I Was Telling Her About You
Ian Wayne – Baby
Michael McDonald – Playin’ By the Rules
YN Jay – Coochie Land
John Lee Hooker – Dimples
Mary Margaret O’Hara – Anew Day
Nina Simone – The Desperate Ones

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