Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #54: Eryk Salvaggio

Eryk Salvaggio’s upcoming album, Worlding: Sympoietic Mycology, is a trip. Described as a collaboration between human, synthesizer, and mushroom, Worlding sings in its own language. From pop-infused expressions to alien glitchworlds, it’s an album filled with new, interesting ideas and evolving sounds. Salvaggio has released some excellent music in recent years, but Worlding stands apart. The album will be released on October 21 via No Type on cassette and digital formats. Pre-order a copy HERE.

From Eryk:
These are tracks that remind me of mushrooms: sounds that feel as if they are weaving and exploring the sonic space in the ways our neighboring fungi navigate their growth beneath the soil. Peaceful but never still, there is a spirit of unpredictable emergence and growth that comes through some of these songs. Others draw to mind a sense of something lingering beneath the surface, stretching through the debris in anticipation of the next surge outward. I hope you enjoy it!

Osees – Tear Ducks (From Weirdo Hairdo
Jan Jelinek – Universal Band Silhouette (From Kosmischer Pitch
Janet Beat – Lighthouses (From Pioneering Knob Twiddler
Of the Night – Lapis (Original Mix)
Tobacco – Moss Mouth (From Ripe and Majestic
Vic Bang – Yazzu (From Burung)
Past Palms – Meditation III: Philodendron (From Ambient Music for Watering Plants
Eryk Salvaggio / Worlding – Proximity to a Human Hand (From Worlding: Sympoietic Mycology
Environments – Gentle Rain in a Pine Forest (Excerpt
Growing – Fancy Period (Excerpt) (From Color Wheel
Rrose – Hymn to Moisture (From Hymn to Moisture
Johnny Woods – Fashion of Swallows (From Things Silently Explode
Briana Marela – Uncertainty and the Unknown (From You Are a Wave
Jim O’Rourke – The Creeping Garden (Excerpt) from Steamroom 35 
Stereolab – Blaue Milch (Excerpt) From Pulse of the Early Brain 
Hainbach – Studie F – Prestissimo (From Syn-Ket Studien)
Environments – Gentle Rain in a Pine Forest (Excerpt)

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