Video Premiere: From Overseas & City of Dawn “Misty Memories”

Sunlight becomes a living, breathing instrument on the title track of From Overseas and City of Dawn’s beautiful collaboration, Misty Memories. Both projects have carved out their own spaces in the wash of melodic ambient music, but together a new dawn breaks. “Misty Memories” is full of ethereal landscapes moving within a saturated haze. Expressive, poignant tones hang in the air as cascading arrangements. Life stands still, but the warmth from these aural elegies lights the way forward. Kévin Séry’s video captures this spirit through washed imagery, adding another layer to these sweet, sunkissed sounds. “Misty Memories” is a beautiful memory cast in glass.

From Overseas & City of Dawn’s Misty Memories is out now on Past Inside the Present. Stream and order HERE.

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