Video Premiere: Jacek Sienkiewicz “UFX33”

There’s a fantastic monotony to Jacek Sienkiewicz’s “UFX33” that transfixing me from the first pulse. Acid-tinged basslines twist hypnotic sonic narratives out of nothing, riding along the crests of rhythmic waves and building tension from the start. The tiny details populating each passage with a surprising warmth bring “UFX33” to life. Connections are tenuously forged, buoyed by subtle melodies and liminal harmonics. So many concurrent streams move together, only intersecting at the most interesting points. Joakim Sandström’s video brings the track to life, welcoming us as though we’ve landed on an alien world.

“UFX33” appears on Jacek Sienkiewicz’s forthcoming album, Pristine, out on October 21 via Recognition Records. Pre-order HERE.