Video Premiere: Songs For a Tired City “Shaam”

Codes are embedded in the focused rhythms and winding soundscapes of “Shaam,” enhanced by the magnetic imagery of Manav Khadkiwala’s hypnotic video. The minimal red, black, and white color palette adds a sharp edge to each passage. “Shaam” twists a spellbinding vocal performance from Kunwar Tanishque Jarial into shards of light piercing the flowing synths and subsonic bass, each lilting phrase punctuated by diamond-cut beats. Songs For a Tired City’s approach explores the sonic textures of New Delhi and reimagines the sonic details in its bloodstream. Their latest album, In Plain Sight, affirms that they are currently one of India’s most exciting electronic artists and opens infinite pathways to follow next.

In Plain Sight is out now on Subcontinental Records. Stream below and order HERE

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