Video Premiere: Discrepants “Midnight Sinner”

A dark current etches cryptic symbols in the solidifying ether on Discrepants’ claustrophobic “Midnight Sinner.” The duo of Samuel Goff and Richard Schellenberg are joined by Vila, whose voice eviscerates the thumping darkness. Blacked-out rhythms underline searching guitar arrangements and blankets of fuzz with propulsive intent. Vila’s vocal melodies are surgical, opening new, unseen passageways through the grinding murk. “Midnight Sinner” is in constant motion, like a lumbering facade about to fade into dust. Virginia Di Lauro’s video buoys this feeling with hidden messages and secret codes stitched together methodically. Each image pushes us deeper beneath the veil. 

“Midnight Sinner” appears on Beginnings, coming on October 28 via Cacophonous Revival. Pre-order HERE

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