Album Premiere: Bedroom Witch “A Place of Hurt”

The Bedroom Witch (aka Los Angeles-based performance artist Sepehr Mashiahof) digs well beyond the city’s glossy sheen on her latest, A Place of Hurt. Emotive synth arrangements melt into the shifting rhythms, sparking new understandings of transformation and connection. 

So many aspects of A Place of Hurt stand out and leave a mark. Mashiahof’s songwriting craft is a well-honed diamond. She uses inventive structures and liminal melodies to focus our minds into the intricacies of heartbreak. Her voice glows. Raked with poignant introspection, The Bedroom Witch has created a new form of sonic memoir. Mashiahof runs through a gauntlet of diverse emotions but always with an arrow pointing toward a horizon of understanding. “Above all,” Mashiahof states, “A Place of Hurt is about yearning for and manifesting transformations, honing the ability to alchemize pain into power, and the puzzle piece effect of turning a fragmented self into something that feels whole and complete.”

A Place of Hurt is a powerful statement full of ageless sentiment and eternal spirit where we can find a path of our own. The Bedroom Witch is incredible. Ratskin and Psychic Eye Records will release it on vinyl, CDR, and digital formats this Friday, November 4. Exclusively stream the entire album below and grab a copy HERE.

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