Video Premiere: Hot Pursuit Of Happiness (Thollem) “The Sound” w/ Germaul Barnes

On this choice cut from Thollem’s album as Hot Pursuit Of Happiness, he partners with the incredible Germaul Barnes for a video dedicated “to all those fighting for voting rights past, present, and future!” “The Sound” is a lilting hymnal rising above a slow-moving sea of poignant drones. Thollem layers his voice at angled intersections, each twisting wave a rising tide. It’s a great song. In the video, though, Germaul Barnes – dancer, choreographer, director, and so much more – stars. The track’s spirited effervescence becomes a springboard for Barnes’s intense focus. It becomes impossible to look away as Barnes moves toward the camera. This is a great collaboration.

Hot Pursuit of Happiness’s debut is out now on Personal Archives. Check your registration, find your polling place, and more at

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