Video Premiere: Daniela Savoldi “Storia di un Attentato”

It may seem simple – a beautiful solo cello performance in a gorgeous, unforgettable location – but there’s a real magic woven into Daniela Savoldi’s stunning video and performance of “Storia di un Attentato.” The song from Savoldi’s 2019 album Ragnatele is equal parts otherworldly solace and impenetrable urgency. Sweet, timeless melodies echo through the pristine green forests before a festering darkness rises from the soil, highlighting the piece’s dramatic core. It’s a majestic force dressed in a deceptively modest arrangement. 

Director Luca Coassin leans into these dichotomies, first showing Savoldi within enchanting surroundings that look straight from a fairytale before literally going up in flames. “I proposed an extreme visual gesture to Daniela and wanted her involved personally, between color and black and white,” he explains. “Art and death, life and beauty, wood and music.” It’s all there, pulling at our most intrinsic essence.

“The result, in my opinion, accompanies the atmosphere of my piece very well, how it alternates between more calm and melodic parts and more concise and dramatic ones,” Savoldi says. The imagery and music become intertwined and inseparable in Coassin’s hands, something he crystalizes, “From Daniela’s cello come dreams and images for the enchantment of our eyes and soul.”

Ragnatele was released in November 2019 and is available HERE

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