Video Premiere: Use Knife “To Feed The Gentry”

No matter where our attention is turned, as soon as Jerusalem In My Heart’s Radwan Ghazi Moumneh’s buzuq rings out in the opening moments of “To Feed The Gentry,” our focus is caught. Moumneh joins the trio of Stef Heeren, Kwinten Mordijc, and Saif Al-Qaissy for this sonic exorcism. The embers of the buzuq improvisations catch, and a fire blooms. Vocals swirl in all directions, tethered to the ground by heavy electronic drones. This music is trying to break free from a world confining us. Tension grows in each successive expression, pushing further and further into the sky. “We will feed the gentry cobblestones” repeats as a mantra. Youniss Ahamad’s glitching, hypnotic visuals incorporated into this live performance help wind the wire even tighter. Use Knife tap into an ancient energy and transform it into new, futurist sacred rituals. 

“To Feed The Gentry” appears on Use Knife’s latest album, The Shedding of Skin, out now on Viernulvier Records. Grab a copy HERE.

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