Video Premieres: Builenradar Live

When we last left the enigmatic Builenradar, the damaged post-apocalyptic bikerfolk cataclysms were just waking up from a slumber. His new album, There Is No Hunger In Your Shame, is a quiet, fractured force of engaging sonic decay. With these two live videos from Morphine Raum in Berlin (and recorded by Morphine Records’ Rabih Beaini (sound) and School of the Arts’ Ivan Zoloto (video)), we hear the bones holding up the broken visage. There’s an intimacy to these recordings, as though we’ve stumbled on a private performance only meant for a select few. Builenradar’s approach is guttural and unique, potent in its rawest form. This music is engaging and visceral, always leaving me wanting more.

There Is No Hunger In Your Shame is out now on School of the Arts. Pick it up HERE.

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