Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 2, #60: Molten Plains

Molten Plains Fest, curated by Sarah Ruth Alexander and Ernesto Montiel, will take place next week, December 9th and 10th, in Denton, Texas. It’s an incredible two-day event of adventurous sounds and collective spirit. In celebration of this event, I asked Ernesto if he’d put together a mix of festival performers, and across these 18 tracks, it’s easy to see what a special event this will be. 

More information is available at the festival website HERE


Lastly, here are some words from Ernesto about this mix:

After trying a couple of different approaches, I decided to sequence according to the festival sets order:


1. Rob Mazurek + Aaron Gonzalez + Stefan Gonzalez

2. Kory Reeder (+ four other musicians for a quintet)

3. Susan Alcorn (she will play solo, then a duo with Bill Nace)

4. Bill Nace (we haven’t decided yet if Bill will play solo after the duo with Susan)

5. Luke Stewart

6. Music Research Strategies


1. Bitches Set Traps + Monte Espina

2. Warren Realrider

3. Alma Laprida

4. Henna Chou + Christian Mirande + Andrew Weathers


6. Ka Baird

7. Weasel Walter

8. Princess Haultaine III

• As a silent tribute to the passing of Dennis Gonzalez earlier this year, we asked Aaron and Stefan to open the festival with an artist they would like to play with. jaimie branch was supposed to come, but I guess you are very much aware of her sudden passing. They thought about Rob, to whom the connection with jaimie is very clear (you can hear both of them in the Exploding Star piece in this mix, btw), and he was also close to Dennis somehow.


Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra – Parable of Inclusion

Yells At Eels + Louis Moholo-Moholo – Tranquilidad Alborotadora I

Kory Reeder [Apartment House] – Codex Vivere: Elegy

Susan Alcorn + Leila Bordereuil + Ingrid Laubrock – Bird Meets Wire

Bill Nace – Both: Part 2

Luke Stewart – Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier {excerpt}

Black Spirituals – BODY

Bitches Set Traps – Sexist instruments

Monte Espina – entrenamiento doce de octubre, 2021 {excerpt}

w.realrider / tícksúck – so and so’s land (raw river raw road)

Alma Laprida + Fiend – Bruma {excerpt}

Christian Mirande – Cover The Grill

Andrew Weathers – Spring Spring, Edge of the Llano {excerpt}

Henna Chou + Adam Hilton – Windless

CNCPCN – Letting Go of Misery

Ka Baird – Symanimagenic

Weasel Walter – Half-Death {excerpt}

Princess Haultaine III – much too much bigger than us

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