The 11th Hour, Episodes #30 & #31: Detroit / She’s Automatic

The 11th Hour is a podcast where two dudes in their 40s discuss a different Rancid song each week. They reflect on their lives, their (inexplicable) fandom, and why certain parts of our youth continue to hold meaning beyond simple nostalgia. Is it a midlife crisis or honest self-reflection? Join us on a journey to the end and find out. Follow along on Twitter or Instagram and find The 11th Hour on your favorite streaming/podcast app (Stitcher, Apple, Spotify, etc) – and, of course, always on Foxy Digitalis.

Episode #30: Detroit

This week the guys dig into one of the standout tracks from Rancid’s 1993 debut. Somehow Brad ends up gushing about Matt’s vocals and inexplicably realizes he might be more of a Lars guy than he thought. The episode ends with Sam being given a challenge at the spur of the moment when choosing next week’s pick.

Episode #31: She’s Automatic

After a challenge last week to figure out the Brad’s least favorite song on AOCTWs, we dive into why “Shes Automatic” seems like such a weak link on an otherwise world beating album. We really want you to know that we dont ACTUALLY dislike the song, though, lets be clear…are we clear on that? We dont hate it…actually its a pretty good track once it gets going…for real its fine…we like it…we DON’T hate it…but for real music theory folks, why does it kinda suck?

Brad Rose is the the principal writer and editor-in-chief of Foxy Digitalis, an online music magazine and has run various DIY record labels for the last 30 years. Sam Melancon runs Debacle Records, an experimental record label out of Seattle, WA.

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