Track Premiere: Chasms “Ache”

Pensive rhythms unlock the airy spaces surrounding Chasms’ (aka Jess Labrador) latest single, “Ache.” Amorphous synth textures shift through the ether to buoy Labrador’s otherworldly vocal melodies. Dreams crystallize into sharp leads that lay the red carpet for each chorus. When Labrador sings lyrics like “I ache to be promised” and “I ache to be savored” in a heavenly whisper, the words carry a cosmic weight. This is potent music. “This track is about being honest with yourself and confronting your desires. Coming to terms with habits and patterns that have led to a lonely place, examining and taking responsibility for what you want and why you feel what you feel,” Labrador explains. “It’s about wanting someone to want you, but never letting that show.”

The aural swirl becomes an ethereal divide on “Ache,” bridging Labrador’s vulnerable confessions with the aeriform gravity stitched in every measure. 

“Ache” appears on Chasms’ forthcoming album, Glimpse of Heaven, out on February 24, 2023, via Felte. Pre-order HERE.

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