Video Premiere: Purple Decades “Everthus the Ether”

Bliss is a fleeting memory permeating the intimate landscape of Purple Decades’ (aka Cincinnati’s Tristan Eckerson) beguiling “Everthus the Ether.” Repeating phrases etch into our internal dialogue, thawing layers of emotive permafrost with emotive passages and expressive vulnerability. “Everthus the Ether” is a wistful coda for a time of separation leading to reconnective embraces. Mathilde Delli’s excellent video enhances the underlying feeling present throughout. Alone in black and white, Delli becomes a graceful, stoic focal point. When she is joined by Mathilda Delecroix Denquin and washed-out colors flood the view, the duo’s synchronous movements heighten the impermeable solace of being together.

“Everthus the Ether” appears on Purple Decades’ debut, Journey Test, coming out on January 27, 2023, via Beacon Sound. Pre-order HERE.

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