Foxy Digitalis 2022 Favorites: Drekka

Back in the earliest days of Foxy Digitalis (and Digitalis, even more), Michael Anderson’s Bluesanct label was one I looked at as a semi-model for what I had in mind. His solo project, Drekka, was always something that caught my ear. Years ago, we worked on a few projects and stayed in touch intermittently. In other words, Anderson is a longtime friend of the show, so a slice of his 2022 favorites simply makes sense. After listening to this mix, do yourself a favor and dig into Drekka’s Bandcamp.

Lightning White Bison “Spanek II” (excerpt)
Virgin Prunes “Bau-dachöng”
Post Doom Romance “Being and Destruction”
The Research Institute “Doorbell Dirge”
Delphine Dora “Allégresse”
Lightning White Bison “Spanek II” (excerpt)
Heavenworld “Dear Ones” (live)
Timber Rattle “Delta of the River Light”
Delphine Dora “La table d’émeraude”
Pacific Walker “Ophelia”
Coil “Batwings (A Limnal Hymn)”

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