Video Premiere: Fordmastiff “Counterfeit”

The woozy, celebratory drift of Fordmastiff’s “Counterfeit” gets bathed in outer space visuals and a heavy dose of neon in Natália Reis’s excellent video. Inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Carnival Parades, the journey from subterranean, liminal club collages to bright, effusive stomp on “Counterfeit” is like following our memories of last night in reverse. Instead of fading into an invisible oblivion, we emerge from a haze into a fantasy world teeming with life. Reis’s video further alters our reality with hypnotic movement and bizarre juxtapositions that only make sense within the realm of Counterfeit. It’s a place we’ve been before, even if we can’t recognize any details. Another excellent offering from the Brazilian label Municipal K7.

Counterfeit is out now on cassette and digital formats HERE.

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