The 11th Hour, Episode #37: Indestructible

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Episode #37: Indestructible

Every time we return to the polarizing Indestructible we tie ourselves in knots, sometimes it feels like this is the last of the “real” Rancid albums, and an ignored gem by old school fans like ourselves. Yet, as we keep coming back to it, we continue to have a hard time embracing the album wholeheartedly. “Indestructible,” the song itself, is a great example of the mixture of emotions it brings up. There is a lot to like here but a whole lot more to make you smell that early 2000’s LA garbage. Plus, being reminded of how Tim and crew handled the divorce with Brody will never not color this album. It’s a very interesting track as you can hear how Rancid 6 was originally going to be a natural follow up to Rancid 2000. Oh what could have been! All that said, much love to the great Joe Strummer, go listen to one of his underrated Hellcat solo albums instead of this!

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