Video Premiere: Kety Fusco “2072”

Midnight corridors become spacious, crystal excavations reflecting electric harp sonorities in every direction. Kety Fusco’s “2072” is a small vignette with eternal power. Sharp melodies drip with melancholic flashbacks, as though visions of what could have been transformed our memory of what was. “My melody will accompany me in my passing,” Fusco says, “reminding me that the world was beautiful before I arrived.” Imagery blends together to alter our perception and add deeper remembrances into the flowing resonance. 

Immersive aural structures coalesce into harmonic lamentations, each harp pluck piercing the underlying atmospheric drones. “2072” is an exquisite exercise in contradictions as disparate timbres collide and connect to create a brand new world. Stunning.

“2072” appears on Fusco’s new album, The Harp, Chapter I, due on March 3. She will launch the album with a performance at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall on the same day. Tickets and more information are available HERE.

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