Track Premiere: Lia Kohl “sit on the floor and wait for storms”

Radio fragments are the unexpected guideposts throughout Lia Kohl’s ambitious new album, The Ceiling Reposes. Static-laden voices pepper the glassine synth expressions and waving cello arrangements, tethering sonic ephemerality to a moment of familiarity. From a Vashon Island (where these radio samples are from) weather report that might as well be an inner mantra, “Weather, as you know, is stormy right now,” rises from the shifting cadence, crackling and pointed as though our buried thoughts are on display. “And it’s going to remain stormy.” Kohl’s music exhibits a stoic serenity, finding calm and comfort in the act of searching for something else without concern about where the answers lead. 

The Ceiling Reposes will be released on March 10 via American Dreams Records. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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