Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #2: Juho Toivonen

A mix of New Zealand weirdness from an artist/label out of Finland? I’m not sure something exists more in my wheelhouse. Be sure to check out Juho’s label, AKTI, and the latest releases from Antony Milton, Jackie O Motherfucker, Jon Collin & Niclas Anderstedt Lindgren, and Black Bevy (a new collab between Antony Milton and Thaniel Ion Lee).

Pumice – Poor Paw Po
Strange Girls – Nothing Once
Sandoz Lab Techinicians – New Botany
Antony Milton – Hands Of The Cup
Kraus – My Pretty Pony
Marineville – Kraut (live)
The Craft – A
P. Wits – Authority Of The Knives
William Henry Meung – Rebus Of The Heart
Alastair Galbraith – Another Surrender
Maxine Funke – Moody Relish
Dissolve – Dream Index
This Kind Of Punishment – Instrumental
Tall Dwarfs – Nothings Going To Happen
Chris Knox – And I Will Cry
The Dead C – Helen Said This

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