Video Premiere: Stephen Ulrich “Earthly”

The journey through Stephen Ulrich’s (of big Lazy) “Earthly” is a fluid diamond, pushed through shadowlands by emotive guitar vignettes and a curious disposition. Throughout Marco North’s video, cryptic narratives unfold within Ulrich’s rich composition’s bouncy rhythms and mischievous framework. North, an American ex-pat who fled Moscow for Tbilisi, Georgia, where he shot most of the footage, embraces the song’s lively spirit.

Within the black-and-white imagery, the gaze of different generations melts into Ulrich’s inquisitive sonic passages, leading to questions about what it means to leave one’s home and look at it from the outside. Piano motifs spark inward reflections. Beneath the surface, in the sonorous hollows, answers don’t come easily, but the music’s timeless spirit gives time and space for further introspection. “Earthly” is an odd earworm, pulled along by a playful and buoyant melody while casting profound silhouettes against the crumbling walls of tomorrow. An instant classic. 

“Earthly” appears on Ulrich’s first-ever solo album, Music From This American Life, which will be released on February 3 via Barbès Records. Pre-order HERE.

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