Video Premiere: Greta Ruth “Till The Petals Fell”

From the opening moments of “Till The Petals Fell,” Greta Ruth welcomes us into her sanctum. Rapid guitar plucks are a flickering cascade holding her enchanted vocals aloft, gliding across silk sheets and floral bounty as a timeless whisper in the ether. Glowing embers fill the quiet spaces of the song where Ruth gently needles questions like, “Do you know you have my love? Do you know you have my constancy?” Her words are plaintive and sharp, her voice an impossible beacon. “Till The Petals Fell” hovers in the distance, drawing us in and stealing our inner focus before becoming part of the gleaming universe. Stunning.

“Till The Petals Fell” appears on Ruth’s 2021 album, The Fawn. Stream below and purchase HERE.

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