Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #3: Devin Sarno

For decades, Devin Sarno has carved out a unique path through experimental sound and outsider art. His work continues to push across boundaries as he doesn’t rest on past ideas but seems always be searching for new sonic vistas. Last year’s Studies series of duo recordings showed different sides of his creative practice, working with several stellar collaborators. As he readies his new full-length, Misshapen Heart, he was kind enough to assemble this mix that, in his words, “seeks beauty amidst the unsettled.”

Devin Sarno can be found via his website and Bandcamp page.

Distant Fires Burning – Dark Strndr
Roberto Musci – Improbably Musica
Maya Shenfeld – Cataphora (Excerpt)
Ana Roxanne – Suite pour l’invisible
Teasips – 12
K. Mulhern – Cave outside of which
Peter Bark & fredrsngrn – jóga fyrir deyjandi blóm
Evan Caminiti – Possession
Jeanann Dara & Brian Chase – Jherek
Masaya Koto – III
Devin Sarno – 40

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