Track Premiere: Scree “Questions For the Moon”

Photo by Isaac Gillespie

As a phrase, Jasmine on a Night in July perfectly sums up the atmosphere created on Scree’s debut studio album.Late nights and summer breezes flow through the trio’s wistful inquisitions throughout the first single, “Questions For the Moon,” situated somewhere between quiet bliss and longing. Guitarist and principal songwriter Ryan El-Solh captures a pensive spirit with the reflective arrangement, buoyed by exquisite performances from bassist Carmen Q. Rothwell and drummer Jason Burger. 

Influences from Middle Eastern music and the works of the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, coupled with El-Solh’s exploration of his family’s heritage, echo in the piece’s emotive guitar hollows and engaging rhythmic cadence. Tension builds before fading into the sunset. Listening to this stunning piece, I can feel the warm air on my neck and a tinge of sweat on my brow, watching from nearby as the world moves away slowly. Something is assuring in El-Solh’s guitar’s thoughtful, lilting melody, a steadiness that keeps our eyes toward the horizon. “Questions For the Moon” is a beautiful place to stay for a while.

Jasmine on a Night in July will be released on March 10 by Ruination Records. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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