Track Premiere: Night Plow “Amanda”

After they contributed to Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Guide to the Universe (by New Age Doom) and only spoke on the phone once, Tim Lefebvre and Gregory Macdonald started a new collaborative project. With Lefebvre improvising beats and basslines in his studio, Macdonald took those pieces and molded them into tracks. The result is one hell of a trip. 

Terminal grooves shed their gritty sheen where the muffled bass thrum locks into a progressive cadence. Everything is thumping toward escape, even with the sonic architecture buried deep within murky caverns. This music is so guttural it rattles bones and makes it impossible to sit still. When those pulsing, subterranean growls find that pocket, it’s time to lift off and find another planet. Absolutely killer.

“Amanda” appears on Night Plow’s s/t debut coming via We Are Busy Bodies on February 24. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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