Video Premiere: Cruel Diagonals “Precipice”

Front page photo by Aaron Giesel

The things Cruel Diagonals’ Megan Mitchell can do with her voice are unreal, and it’s everywhere on her forthcoming album, Fractured Whole. Looping patterns take sharp turns in the opening moments of “Precipice,” building into a cascading arrangement that’s mimicked in the video. Harsh signal interference glitches in and out of existence, as though someone is trying to send this message from another place and time. High drama unfolds throughout the track, a midnight vision held aloft on cavernous bass scraps and a twisted, intoxicating vocal melody. Grinding through cybernetic dreamscapes with a sonic scalpel, taking all the heat that it generates, Mitchell focuses the sharp end of this arrangement into a diamond cage. Coming full circle is the only path left as echoes of a distant skyline entice us into this decadent trap. Stunning.

Fractured Whole will be released on March 24 on Beacon Sound. Pre-order HERE.

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