Track Premiere: Sluice “Fourth of July”

There’s a world passing us by, whether we are in constant motion or sitting quietly and still. Sluice, the recording project from Durham, North Carolina’s Justin Morris, taps into that feeling on his forthcoming album, Radial Gate. Morris reminisces through the blistering heat and firework haze on the second single, “Fourth of July,” amid a bed of droning strings and wistful, plucked guitar melodies. Pedal steel peaks through the summer shroud to breathe in a bit of magic against the mundane memories we grow every day beneath the isolated shade of a place that doesn’t quite understand us. “Fourth of July” is timeless, an illuminating spirit pushing away the creeping darkness to invite the rest of us into its generous glow.

Radial Gate will be released on March 3 via Ruination Records. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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