Video Premiere: Monde UFO “Visions of Fatima”

Astral grooves creep into the frame and find a home in an exotic lounge swimming in late-night psychedelia. Monde UFO explores the spectral beauty hidden in plain sight on “Visions of Fatima” through swirling dub-inflected drum machine rhythms, haunted organscapes, and hypnotic vocal melodies. An ancient sheen of deep space hiss and hum gilds every moment, an invitation to disassociate and glide away in swirling aural bliss. Darkness hides within the cadence, but we can’t be bothered because the deep, lilting grooves are simply too damn infectious. “Visions of Fatima” is a fantastical trip.

Monde UFO’s Vandalized Statue To Be Replaced With Shrine will be released on April 21 via Quindi Records. Pre-order HERE

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