Track Premiere: Sinemis “Elegy” (KMRU Remix)

Sinemsis’s 2022 album, Dua, left a lasting mark. In her track-by-track feature for Foxy Digitalis last year, she hinted that this remix was in the works. KMRU’s interpretation of one of Dua’s central pieces holds its melancholy at a distance. Swelling pads shape the air around them, glowing, an invitation to step inside and feel the lamenting spirit washing through every note. Once the edges emerge, distorted melodies sear the pathway forward with purpose. 

Dua Remixes features remixes from KMRU, Mabe Fratti, Hüma Utku, and Villette. It will be released on February 17 by Injazero. Stream KMRU’s remix below and pre-order HERE.

Important Note: Sinemis shared that “all income from the sale of the Dua mini-album and the remixes will be donated to the local NGO Ahbap doing valuable work on the ground helping the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey.” I would add if you are able, please donate to Ahbap directly as well.

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