Video Premiere: Max Syedtollan “Make It Tonight”

Chaos spits repeating mantras under its breath. Weirdly melodic earworms spin through the frenzied, ramshackle rhythms like a tornado ripping apart the cheapest metal barn imaginable. While opiated up to the gills and awaiting surgery for a freak accident, Max Syedtollan reinvented his approach and decided to tear everything down to the bones. The frenetic movements and animations in the video heighten the dizzying impact, upping the disjointed ante further. Disposables, his new album forthcoming on 33-33, is stripped and nimble, and “Make It Tonight” revels in this cataclysmic energy in search of the cavalcade dance club at the edge of the junkyard. This is wild, riveting stuff.

Disposables will be released by 33-33 on March 1. Pre-order HERE.

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