Video Premieres: Meg Mulhearn “Balance Wheel” + Belly Full of Stars “Ebon Flow”

Night blossoms into a kaleidoscopic dance of flames in the hypnotic opening moments of Meg Mulhearn’s “Balance Wheel.” Plucked strings shuffle, echoing through dark patterns as an invitation to explore these beckoning, resonant spaces. It’s music that looks inward with protective intentions, bringing fraught and broken mantras into a fragile balance, with Mulhearn’s voice rising through the haze to calm us. Waves lap against a dark beach at midnight, tranquil if a little uneasy.

Meg Mulhearn and Belly Full of Stars’ collaborative album, Conjunctions, is such an enticing project. There’s connectivity throughout, with both artists’ music standing on its own while finding silver tendrils to intertwine. To further this link Belly Full of Stars made this video for Mulhearn and vice versa, broadening the project’s scope and heightening its impact.

“Ebon Flow” is the place we hope to land beyond the journey of “Balance Wheel.” Serene drones and emotive melodies rise and fall like the breath of daylight. Belly of Stars’ Kim Rueger strings together familiar moments distilled in glass. Its transfixing movements crackle with anticipation; though we’re never sure what we’re waiting for, it doesn’t really matter. As the dark sky clears and the moon comes into sharp focus, we become one with the stillness in these sonic memories. 

Conjunctions is out now on Fallen Moon. Pick up a copy via Bandcamp or Juno

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