Track Premiere: Carmen Jaci “Danse lunaire”Track Premiere:

French-Canadian composer (currently based in the Netherlands) Carmen Jaci creates a frenetic sound world built on joyful melodies, intricate productions, and a sense of humor. I’ve been listening to “Danse lunaire” for weeks, and it keeps revealing new secrets. Jaci’s voice is the marker, peppered throughout as a guidepost through the constantly-moving sonic maze. Miniscule tonal details build percussive arks shifting blithe piano motifs and gossamer synth patterns toward a spirit of exploration, careening toward distant landscapes. The globular tones might have sharp edges, but there’s still a gentleness like it’s a kind of pointillist cotton candy. “Danse lunaire” is sculptural yet pliable, fixed in a position that allows its component parts to move in every direction. It’s dizzying and captivating, as though we’re listening to synthetic systems coming to life and breathing for the first time. 

“Danse lunaire” appears on Carmen Jaci’s upcoming album, Happy Child, coming out via Noumenal Loom on March 30. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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