Track Premiere: Old Saw “Bobcat Sarabande”

The slow crawl toward death leaves scratched-out messages in the dust on “Bobcat Sarabande,” the closing track of Old Saw’s forthcoming album, Sewn the Name. Banjo strums and 12-string reveries plot our demise, creeping on top of the skeletal tones from Ira Dorset’s fiddle. Purpose is defined as the reason for which something exists, and in “Bobcat Sarabande,” our only destination is the end of all things. Darkening skies are clouded by solemn resonance from steel-stringed barricades, but as the urgency rises, so does the intention to move forward. “Bobcat Sarabande” hollers for one last reprieve, but that slow crawl is relentless, and the horizon is going black.

Sewn the Name will be released on March 31 by Lobby Art. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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