Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #6: Marcus Fischer

Marcus Fischer has a way of knowing what sonic expression is needed at a precise moment. His discography is a mountain built on this, and the focused ideas bloom, leaving solid traces wherever they go. It’s a mountain worth scaling. Fischer brings that same approach to this beautiful mix titled (if we can make it through the winter). As I sit here, still cold from last night, its silvery glow has me held tight. 

A note from Marcus: The Between track, “Know,” is one of nine coming sometime soon on 12k. This time, Between is Taylor Deupree, Stephen Vitiello, Molly Berg, M. Grig, Federico Durand, Corey Fuller, and Fischer.

Marcus Fischer’s music can be heard via his Bandcamp.  


20220304 (excerpt) – Ryuichi Sakamoto
River Bend – Maria Moles
Eden Rehearsal Tape – Talk Talk
Know – Between
Out of Luck – Ellen Arkbro & Johan Graden
Smultronställe – Ryan Hildebrand
Inside Out Flower – Kicking Giant
Fragile Well – Ryuichi Sakamoto & Marcus Fischer
Night Leaf – Sawako
Earth Interval: II. Air Tide – Doris Dennison
KEIN – Olivia Block & Jan St. Werner
Occam XXV (excerpt) – Éliane Radigue & Frédéric Blondy
Pendulum and Inertia – Minamo & Asuna
Olha – Pan•American
Wind – Ian Wellman
Song to Keep You Company – Bridget St John
20220304 (remainder) – Ryuichi Sakamoto

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