Video Premiere: Less Bells “Scheele’s Green”

There’s a haunted dissonance hiding in the hollows of Less Bells’ wondrous “Scheele’s Green,” an ancient energy infusing the pensive arrangements. Julie Carpenter and Dain Luscombe pull from various influences, from Europen folk to classical and experimental electronica, fusing it all together in a memorable aural narrative. 

Liminal echoes bridge the sonic divide between the clouded memories of past horrors and the future lives they cut short. Inspired by Cal Flyn’s Islands of Abandonment and how arsenic-based green dyes poisoned people during the Industrial Revolution, “Scheele’s Green” explores this dichotomy of death and toxicity wound within the color of growth. Chantal deFelice’s video collage echoes the underlying spirit of “Scheele’s Green” with hypnotic imagery. Moving string passages swirl like smoke toward the heavens, a warning and a vigil held high by hypnotic voices calling from beyond. Electronics stitch together atmospheric drones creating immersive walls to keep these spiraling movements. 

“Scheele’s Green” appears on Less Bells’ forthcoming album, The Drowned Ground, coming in June via Meadows Heavy Recorders. Grab a copy of the single HERE.

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