Track Premiere: Youniss “SO SLOW”

Belgian musician and visual artist, Youniss peels back the layers to reveal a visceral, vulnerable core on his forthcoming album, White Space. The album explores how he’s dealt with personal panic attacks that he’s had since the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, an emotional confrontation that adds sharp edges to his sound. Hollow organ arrangements glide effortlessly over a rhythmic blockade and coarse guitar chord progressions, giving Youniss a platform to layer vocals saturated with intensity. Once the cascade falls, the melody quiets into its pensive core, and he whispers, “One more day and one more night. One less day before I lose my mind.” Darkness comes from all angles, and the pressure gives “SO SLOW” the nudge to explode in all directions. 

White Space will be released on March 8 by Viernulvier Records. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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