Track Premiere: Mayssa Jallad “Markaz Azraq (December 6)”

Photo by Ely Dagher

There’s a stoic determination in the purposeful acoustic guitar strums that hold the fractured sonic architecture of Mayssa Jallad’s “Markaz Azraq (December 6)” together. “I do not think I have ever felt such violence,” Jallad sings, her voice steeled with an imperious heartache and resolve. Her words carry the weight of a thousand suns. Still, her delivery is plaintive and unafraid as she tells the story of a nameless man who lost both sons during the Battle of the Hotels. Once the instrumental palette expands, the warm glow from Fadi Tabbal’s synth personifies the steely perseverance needed in the face of such destruction. Jallad continues, her voice rising, “The city was on fire and women wailed from balconies, but he never slept after that.”

“Markaz Azraq (December 6)” appears on Mayssa Jallad’s essential album, Marjaa: The Battle Of The Hotels. It will be released on March 3 by Ruptured Records. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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