Video Premiere: Julia Dyck & Stefan Christoff “SILVER MOON X”

The quiet becomes an impermeable force on Julia Dyck and Stefan Christoff’s “SILVER MOON X.” Minimal synth patterns search the fractured fog for a place to pause, to simply take in the surroundings. Dyck performs a reading over the sounds, heightening the emotive atmospheres, echoing the fragmented footage by Guillaume Vallée. This feels like an important relic from another world, a reminder to stop, to listen.

“In filtering the signals of this time, between screens and traffic noise, stopping to listen is key. SILVER MOON X is about listening to the spaces in between, the spaces silenced. In building sonic narratives of fantasy, we aim to create alternative signals to the noise of neo-liberal capitalism. A collective of artists exploring impossible things. This video was built from a video shoot that Guillaume did with Julia in the former garment district of Montréal, an in-between space in the city where once thousands of garment workers labored and fought over past decades for compensation after their jobs evaporated. There is a lot of space there now, but the silences speak, so Julia is there in this in-between world, and we see the dance of imagining and feeling spirits that are declared out of reach but, in fact, are right there. –– Stefan Christoff, for SILVER MOON X.”

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