Track Premiere: Jeugdbrand “Do you want to move in with all of us?”

The fun house comes alive on Jeugdbrand’s “Do you want to move in with all of us?” Dennis Tyfus and Jeroen Stevens concoct scrambled sonic riddles with various percussive instruments (Stevens) and voice (Tyfus). Angular tone patterns scatter behind Tyfus’s breath as though the duo is hunting and haunting each other, daring each to make the first move. Answers don’t exist in this sound world; it’s all misleading messages and inside jokes. Chimes toll inside phantom mirrors, tiptoeing around as Tyfus whets his throat and sings through the aqueous gargles. Piano stabs move from the background to the fore, exclamations for sentences with no words. What does any of it mean? Nobody knows, but it leads to Tyfus hollering, “Do you want to move in with me?!!” over hushed resonance and cryptic rattles. Even if I politely decline, I am here for the show.

Jeugdbrand’s Siamese Dream (Team) will be released byy Edições CN on March 6. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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