Track Premiere: Rosso Polare “albanella”

Animals join the chorus with Milan’s Rosso Polare on the enigmatically uplifting “albanella” from their forthcoming album, Bocca D’Ombra. Birds chirp, and dogs howl while the duo, Anna Vezzos and Cesare Lopopolo, craft sonic shadows through a series of whispers and breaths. Organ melodies drift in the open spaces as if pulled from another time to serenade these timeless atmospheres with sweet missives. Along the way, the path is further obscured through added field recording layers, heavier breathing, and moaning horn excursions. It feels ancient, like peering through the looking glass at our distant ancestral past. 

Bocca D’Ombra will be released on April 4 by Sagome. Pre-order HERE.

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