Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #8: QNDFK

QNDFK knows a thing or two about disparate rhythmics and sporadic clatter, and all that expertise becomes the glue on this captivating mix. Earworms dance with chaos across cracked diamond streets deep into the fading neon nightlife. Aptly titled Melody & Cacophony: An Incompatible Assemblage, there’s no reason to hold back.

QNDFK’s recent album, A Heavy Gloss., is out now on tracedobjects.


Sofheso – 7uiop

Andrea Taeggi – Dinergy

Unit Moebius – Sewer

It’s Nasty / Genius of Love – Looped

Sissy Spacek – The Entropy Effect

Ministry – Work for Love

Nirvana (1) – 26 Paychecks a Year

UAN – vbrhn_tu

Flock of Seagulls – Messages

QNDFK – Rhizomatic/Arborescent

Todo Todo – Al-Kabir Suite

Kritzcom – Chromatographic

L.T.F. – Request List

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