Track Premiere: Jack Prest “Prophecy”

A reserved sense of grandeur floods through “Prophecy,” the latest single from Jack Prest’s The Risk Of Hyperbole – Vol​.​2 – Object. Whimsical facades fade into an aura of sonic fog buoyed by expressive accouterments and a sense of the dramatic. Lilting piano and string arrangements feed into the supernatural feel weaving into the song’s crevices, with eloquent clarinet patterns poking holes in the synthesized stasis beneath. Our eyes are open, and the spirit that “Prophecy” promises emerges just over the horizon line. Prest and this fantastic ensemble unlock a little bit of magic for the duration.

The Risk of Hyperbole – Vol. 2 – Object will be released on March 31 via Art as Catharsis. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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