Track Premiere: Mute Duo “Trust Lanes”

Photo by Ricardo Adame

Once “Trust Lanes” finds its groove and gets into a steady, progressive flow, there are no limits to the air Mute Duo – Skyler Rowe and Sam Wagster – can catch. A bass line crawls along the floor, and the foundation builds from there. Vibraphone and pedal steel resonance lilt in the spaces carved out by layered rhythms and breaking glass. “To me, this song and the title evoke the mysterious forces and subtle adaptations that allow birds to fly together without colliding or allow us to drive down a busy city highway at night without accidents,” Wagster explains. “Trust Lanes” leans into that confidence as different ideas move in multiple directions, pulling us along for this mesmerizing ride. Even in the pocket, trouble lurks. Wagster warns, “Occasionally, a stray motorist violates the social contract and blows by you at 100mph….”

Mute Duo’s Migrant Flocks will be released on April 14 via American Dreams. Stream “Trust Lanes” below and pre-order HERE.

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