Track Premiere: Orbel “Orbain Irekiak” (worriedaboutsatan Rework)

When an artist can take an already-memorable piece of music and rework it, it completely rewires how our brains think about the track. worriedaboutsatan’s (aka Gavin Miller) “Orbain Irekiak” remix is one such track. “I did the remix just as I was finishing up my next satan record, The Pivot, so was in a weird in-between frame of mind,” Miller explains. Vocal melodies flicker like holographic spirits above dramatic swells and incandescent rumblings. Tension comes in waves as it gradually builds toward an explosion. Miller shares, “I didn’t really know what kind of shape the remix would take, so I took a listen to all the stems, and it was the strength and power of the individual bits of the track that shaped what I wanted to do with it – I love intense, spiraling textures, so layered everything up and just went for it – the track was a dream to work with!” Muted percussive blasts mark the downward shift, the sonic clouds obscuring the churning melodies with a rising reverence for the void. There’s no resisting as “Orbian Irkiak” washes over us.

worriedaboutsatan’s rework will be released on March 24. More info HERE.

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