Video Premiere: Wide Scope Protocol “Editor’s Choice”

Memories get distorted and fed through a spectral filter in the video for Wide Scope Protocol’s “Editor’s Choice.” The latest single from this new project by Barcelona-born composer and producer Javier Rodero Villa’s forthcoming album, Swan Cake, has real staying power. Imagery flickers across with a vintage sheen, as though someone else’s life is flashing before our eyes. Pulsing bass lines fuse with a progressive, head-bobbing rhythm so that layer-upon-layer of synth sorcery can utterly soar. “Editor’s Choice is a nod to my fifteen years as a film editor, where I discovered the power of repetition in my art,” explains Villa, highlighting the looping nature of the piece. “Editor’s Choice” leans into nostalgic atmospheres before breaking them apart in the sonic drift and letting the neon pieces disassemble feelings of sentimentality to find a new shade of joyous abandon. I am hooked.

Swan Cake will be released on April 7 by Modern Obscure Music.

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