Video Premiere: Cruel Diagonals “Vestigial Mythology”

A mirror is a canvas. A mirror is a void. Cruel Diagonals shatters the barriers between perception and reality on “Vestigial Mythology,” with Megan Mitchell’s voice conjuring ancient spells via electric rituals. Bass rattles the inner sanctum, a shockwave blooming within spiraling vocal arrangements teeming with mantras obscured by doubt. Cascading musical shapes climb across a roiling sea of beautiful, sharp-edged waves, a twisting opera of darkness and light. It’s impossible to turn away from the video performance where the drama saturating each sonic passage comes to life. Echoing this emotional dichotomy are Mitchell’s reflective movements, the mirror swallowing shadows, mimicry gently taming the duality to find an uneasy truce. 

“Vestigial Mythology” was directed by Frank Leon and executive produced by Mitchell. Fractured Whole is out now on Beacon Sound.

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