Track Premiere: Ruah “Guidance”

Photo by Ian Maley

A beguiling combination of blown-out, stochastic rhythms and traditional folk-infused strings pulls back a mythical curtain on “Guidance.” Ruah (aka Benjamin Schurr) takes the opening and drives it into the outer sonic reaches, with globular basslines hypnotizing us while he paints affecting, soaring melodies with his voice. The production and songwriting have an epic quality, only heightening the inward emotional toil at the song’s core. 

“Lyrically I wanted to focus on the power of belief and devotion in the face of a pervasive violent uncertainty,” Schurr explains. “Sonically I wanted to maintain the songcraft I was honing with my old band Br’er but take it into new, unfamiliar realms and make sure that all the sounds felt both unknown to me and also emotionally affecting.” 

“Guidance” appears on Ruah’s debut full-length, Ruwa, coming on May 9 via Strange Mono, a Philadelphia-based charity label. It features guest spots by Maura Pond (Luna Honey, Nyxy Nyx) and Madeline Johnston (midwife). Pre-order HERE.

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